U.S. Occupation of Veracruz

cbp headshotA view from a Royal Marine

H.M.S. Hermione left Tampico on 30th May, after an intense time rescuing and feeding refugees. It arrived in Veracruz on 3rd June 1914.

A postcard of U.S. Army Transport Kilpatrick at Veracruz, from Captain Partridge’s photo album:

US troops sent by President Wilson to occupy Vera Cruz, April 1914.

While here Captain Partridge had time to write to his brother, Richard Partridge:

my dear dick

After his description of his experiences in Tampico he goes on to tell him what he knows about the U.S. occupation of Veracruz:

cbp letter 3

cbp letter 4

It is interesting to note his comment: “the news you see in the papers from Washington is almost invariably hopelessly wrong“. Indeed the U.S. press headlines and articles during the two weeks leading up to the occupation are quite revealing. A favourite is: Buffalo Bill Offers Services for Intervention in Mexico, from the Los Angeles Herald, 15 April 1914.

La Verdad!

Here is a propaganda broadsheet, picked up by Captain Partridge in Tampico, which talks about “las felonias americanos en Veracruz“:

la verdad

It lists the federal wounded from the 21st – 23rd April. It also gives the current number of dead, 230, but does not name them.

One of the family clipped this cartoon from Punch, giving a more light-hearted view of the situation:

veracruz punch cartoon

H.M.S. Hermione left Veracruz on the 9th June, reaching Portsmouth on 10th July 1914.

Ship’s log 13th July reads: “4.00pm: Major Clarke, Captain Partridge & Lieut. Drake Brockman RMLI disembarked for mobilization.” They had left Portsmouth on 6th August 1913 – a long and memorable tour of duty.

For Captain Partridge’s experience in Tampico, rescuing refugees, click here.

Captain Partridge was killed on board H.M.S. Good Hope on 1st November 1914 in one of the first major naval engagements of the war at the Battle of Coronel, off the coast of Chile. See: Wikipedia and Lives of the First World War.

His brother, Lieutenant Geoffrey Dorman Partridge was killed two days later, on the 3rd November 1914, at the Battle of Ypres. See: Lives of the First World War.

His other brother, Major Richard Evelegh Partridge, MC survived the war.

Author: C. Partridge. Charlie Partridge was my Great-Uncle.

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